Bluegrass sod can flourish in Montana with proper preparation
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Measuring and Ordering
Before you even buy sod, proper measurement of your planned lawn area is critical to a successful  installation.  Use a tape measure and a piece of paper draw and measure the area you plan to sod.  Make sure to make note of any irregular shapes or areas in the middle that will be omitted.  We will be happy to help you determine the amount of sod you should buy based on your  sketch.

Schedule your sod to be delivered after all of your prep work is complete.  Don't be afraid to change a delivery date if you are not ready.  Prompt installation is critical to reduce stress on the grass.

Yard Preparation
Proper site preparation will determine the smoothness and longevity of your investment in sod.  Make sure the site is clear of all debris such and wood, weeds, and rocks.  Rough grade the entire site.  Make sure that the drainage is away from all foundations and that there are no large holes for water to collect in.  Then till the soil and add additional top soil if necessary.  Tilling the soil will reduce  weed problems in the future.  If top soils are shallow consider adding additional top soil to the site.  A final top soil depth of 4 to 6 inches is desired. 

For optimum performance you will want to conduct soil tests on the site.  Once you have the soil test results you will be able to determine what fertilizers need to be added to correct deficiencies and give your bluegrass sod the best conditions for growth. .  Apply fertilizers to the site and work them into the soil with a rake. 

Finish grade the entire area ensuring that the area is smooth, free of holes and large clumps of soil or rocks.  Then, with a lawn roller one-third full of water roll the area to firm up the soil.  After firming the soil water the area until it is moist and there is moisture throughout the top soil.

Bluegrass Sod Installation
Install your bluegrass sod immediately upon arrival.  Turf is a living organism, so quick installation is critical to keeping the plants alive.

Begin installing turf along the longest straight line such as a driveway, sidewalk, or patio.  If you do not have a good straight line to start from, run a string line across the longest area.  Butt and push edges and ends against each other tightly, without stretching.  Avoid gaps or overlaps.  Stagger joints in each row in a brick like fashion, using a large sharp knife to trim corners, edges, etc.  Avoid leaving small strips at outer edges as they will not retain moisture.  On slopes, place the turf pieces so they run across the slope rather that up and down the slope. 

On steep slopes you  may need to use sod staples to hold the sod in place until the roots take hold.  If you need staples mention it when you buy your sod..  To prevent indentations or air pockets avoid repeated walking or kneeling on the turf while it is being installed or just after watering.  After installing the turf grass, roll the entire area to improve turf grass/soil contact and remove air pockets.

Watering Your Sod
Start water within 30 minutes of installation.  Water daily, or more often, keeping turf moist until it is firmly rooted (about two to three weeks).  Once rooted, your bluegrass sod will need less frequent but deeper watering sessions.

For more information or more tips on post installation care please contact us.
When laying your bluegrass, stagger the joints between sod rolls
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Your bluegrass sod will flourish in Montana if you follow these tips: